What a topsy-turvy world

They work tirelessly, giving of themselves for the sake of others


Maybe I’m getting just a bit long in the tooth, but the longer I live the more I despair of the lack of respect and appreciation for those most deserving.

The dreadful scenes of terrorism and destruction we have witnessed in our country over the past few weeks have highlighted who are the real heroes in our society.

In recent years I have watched the rise of the ‘celebrity’ status of, on the whole, and to be frank, ‘nobody’s’. The television channels are full of reality programmes that appear to encourage behaviour that lacks any kind of morals, the glorification of a ‘perfect’ body (whatever that is?) and pure selfishness and greed. The more outrageous someone behaves, the more outlandish their attitude, the greater the publicity and the more wealth is bestowed upon them.

For a long time now we have seen the rise of the sporting legends. Those men who kick around a football and earn more in a month than the majority earn in almost ten years. The sport drivers who earn multiple millions of pounds to race around laps in super charged cars.

Then the entertainers. Sure, it’s great to be ‘entertained’ but again these people are put on pedestals for their acting abilities or their voices. Singers/songwriters often just write one or two songs that are then played for years and years and pay the artist per play. They sit back and live on their royalties, often in comparative luxury, for the remainder of their lives. Somehow, in the celebrity world, writing a good song suddenly makes you a wise person. The reverence shown to song writers always staggers me. Be cast in a popular TV programme or be lucky enough to be offered a role in a successful movie and you’re a ‘star’.

You see, to me, the heroes of our society, those who really should be revered and respected are those that care for others. The nurses, the doctors, the ambulance drivers, the paramedics, the fire fighters and the police, for starters. The less obvious, the carers who are paid a pittance to look after our loved ones. The teachers who go the extra mile to encourage disadvantaged children. The many charity and volunteer workers who keep communities together. Lifeboatmen who risk their lives to save strangers in our waters. The unpaid family members caring for their own less fortunate brothers, sisters, children, husbands, wives and parents. I apologise if I’ve missed anyone out, it is not intentional.

These are the people who should receive decent incomes and well funded working environments. The stresses they often face are beyond most of us. These should be our ‘celebrities’. Real heroes. They work tirelessly, giving of themselves for the sake of others.