Foundations for a good life

When will our conservative government realise just how nigh-on impossible it is to build yourself a life without having solid foundations in place?

By foundations I mean the basic building blocks of society that are there within every community for every single citizen. A home, education, health service, quality utilities, well funded public services. A life in which you feel safe, feel supported and encouraged to be the best you can be. To have the opportunities to learn skills and achieve your ambitions. No matter where you were born, who your parents are, the colour of your skin, your mental or physical abilities, you should have the same opportunities.

You cannot hope to build a successful country without meeting the foundational needs of the people first. This is such an obvious route to success, but one that has been largely ignored and undermined by the conservatives.

The government waffle on about building a country for business, for expanding exports into new markets, foreign affairs, about dealing with Brexit etc etc, and yet they are ignoring the major social problems right under their noses. These are the issues they need to address first. Don’t the government get it? It’s like they are trying to do a university degree in pure and applied mathematics but they haven’t yet learnt their basic sums!

Try asking them a simple question and it’s virtually impossible to get a straight answer. They appear to think that a condescending sound-bite will keep you down, keep you in your place. Enough! There is no more time for this type of rule.

One of the main problems I can see that needs overcoming is the constant brainwashing of people by the media. People are gullible. Most never look and explore beyond the headlines. They don’t probe, they don’t research. They do as they are told, accept the information given and head bowed down get on with their daily grind. They cannot see there is a massively different way we could be living. It really doesn’t have to be like this.

The lies we are told, again and again are the utter betrayal of common decency. There appears to be no room for honesty. Whilst the ordinary person often struggles to get by the very wealthy are continually skimming off the top.

To build a truly great society, to live a life worth living, we MUST insist that our basic needs are met. From that we can grow and flourish. We can become a great nation. We can become part of a wonderful community that pulls together, that supports those in need, that encourages everyone to succeed.

I believe that unless changes come, and soon, there really will be a revolution. The ordinary guy in the street has had enough. Whilst the Tories strip the assets of the country and uphold the insidious belief that they know what they are doing there is an increasing awareness that all is not as it should be. Fortunately we have a different way of reaching out to people now. Increasingly the newspapers are not the only way of learning the news. Word quickly spreads through the internet, through social media, of the great injustices within our country.

The young are not as easily brainwashed as the more mature, they lead very different lives and they receive alternative information. News black-outs don’t work when social media has already plastered the actual events all over the internet.

It’s not going to be easy. Changes rarely are. There is however a new feeling of hope that is spreading, an underlying army of decent people who are pulling this all together. That is the word – together – there is not a stronger word. Together we can stand, shoulder to shoulder, shouting from the roof tops, questioning those in power, bringing about real changes.

Let’s start building a wonderful life. Let’s start with the foundations and build on that. We must not, must never be complacent.