Our lives, our hopes

Instead of just accepting the status quo I am pleased to be part of an increasing group of ordinary people who have emerged to research and question the authorities. Following years of austerity policies, which have consistently placed the burden of financial cuts on both the most vulnerable and our public services, we are no longer content to sit by and watch the injustices unfold.

People from all sections of society have become increasingly weary of the political hierarchy which is overseen/driven by the wealthiest in our society.

Whilst we are all individuals, and our thoughts will have been shaped by our own life experiences, I do hope this blog will go some way to put forward new ideas without alienating anyone. I hope to try and bring some understanding of the way our lives could be if only those in government would listen, and, more importantly, learn from ordinary people.

How can anyone ever consider that inequality is a good thing?
What makes people think they have more of a right to a good life than others?
Which is the best way forward for us to build a fairer society?
When can we hope to achieve our aspirations?
Who decides who should gain and who should lose?
Why do governments consider the vulnerable less worthy?
Who gains from an unequal society?
Does democracy actually work?
Who are the real saboteurs of justice?
Will anyone ever listen to us?


Author: Tishlyn

I live what I call a 'small' life as I am severely limited by an array of chronic illnesses which have left me mostly housebound. I am passionate about fighting injustice and inequality.

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